Compact.Net – Quality Planning and Inspection (en)

Partner der CAQ AG Factory Systems

In this workshop you will learn how to use the QA software Compact.Net to implement quality and inspection planning methods such as SPC, incoming goods inspection, final inspection, or statistical evaluation. Learn how to cover a wide variety of quality techniques with this holistic software solution and statistically monitor and control the behavior of processes with the help of various quality control charts.


The following topics will be addressed in this workshop:

  • General use of the Compact.Net software
  • Quality planning and inspection, inspection planning
  • Inspection plan creation via CAD integration
  • Inspection plan history and revision management
  • Management of actions in the event of process violations
  • Definition of inspection strategies
  • DIN 2859, skip lot, SPC, 100 % inspection, fixed n-c specifications
  • Definition of control limits and calculation times
  • Application and creation of individual characteristic templates
  • Incoming goods inspections and supplier evaluations
  • Production monitoring
  • Short and long-term evaluations with evaluation planning
  • Machine and process capability
  • Multi-language capability within Compact.Net


All users of the respective CAQ.Net® quality assurance modules.


Only for CAQ AG Factory Systems software customers/users.


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