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Software User Workshops

These workshops deal with the individual functions of the QM software CAQ.Net® by CAQ AG Factory Systems. The workshops enable you to unleash the maximum performance of your CAQ-system and strengthen your command of the modules. Tailor-made training exercises allow you to improve your mastery of your CAQ-system by simulating day to day work situations. Innovations and improvements to the software are introduced and conveyed by means of practical examples. Working together with software users from other companies allows you to address individual questions and solutions from the shop-floor and exchange practical knowledge – thus providing invaluable synergy effects.

Description Duration Next Date
CAQ.Net Evaluation 1 Day 27/04/2020
CAQ Systembetreuer 1: Schnittstellen und Systemintegration 1 Day 29/04/2020
CAQ Systembetreuer 2: Konfiguration und Systemeinstellungen 1 Day 30/04/2020
CAQ.Net – Installation and System Deployment 1 Day 24/09/2020
CAQ.Net Core System – Der erweiterte Funktionsumfang unter dem GFL-Lizenzierungsmodell 1 Tag 07/02/2020
Change.Net – Change Control 1 Tag 11/02/2020
Compact.Net - Expert 1 Tag 12/02/2020
Compact.Net – Quality Planning and Inspection 2 Days 17/02/2020
EMP.Net - Erstmusterprüfung mit CAD-Integration 1 Day 24/06/2020
Form.Net - Formulargenerator mit JobControl.Net - Aufgabenmanagement 2 Tage 13/02/2020
PMM.Net – Gauge Management 1 Day 22/04/2020
PMS.Net – Preventative Maintenance 1 Day 22/06/2020
Process.Net - Prozessmanagement 1 Tag 06/02/2020
Projects.Net - Projektmanagement 1 Tag 23/03/2020
QAM.Net – Auditmanagement 1 Day 03/02/2020
QBD.Net – Document Management 1 Day 05/02/2020
Qualify.Net – Training Management 1 Day 04/02/2020
Quality Management with CAQ.Net 2 Tage 26/03/2020
Quality Assurance with CAQ.Net 2 Tage 24/03/2020
Quality Assurance with CAQ.Net 2 Days 09/11/2020
Quality Management with CAQ.Net 2 Days 20/04/2020
REM.Net – Complaint Management / CAPA 1 Day 25/05/2020
Risk.Net (FMEA.Net) – Risk Management / FMEA 1 Day 23/06/2020
SRM.Net – Supplier Management 1 Day 10/02/2020
Success.Net – Key Performance Indicator Management 1 Day 28/04/2020

We pay particular attention to the practical applicability of the information and skills we convey. Find out first-hand how our seminars and courses can assist you and your fellow employees excel in your area of work. Please note that we also offer our seminars onsite at your company. If you require additional information, please contact us via phone +49 6764 90200-50 or E-Mail at

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