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Change.Net – Change Control

CAQ AG Factory Systems User Workshop

Partner der CAQ AG Factory Systems

This workshop teaches you the correct execution and management of change processes via the change-control software Change.Net. Efficiently monitor and control your changes from their initial creation via the corresponding risk analysis all the way to their final implementation. Learn how to precisely edit individual processes, actions and analyses of effectiveness in order to initiate, secure, and evaluate the necessary steps of your product or process changes.

Workshop Content

The workshop conveys key knowledge for the precise creation, management, and archiving of changes via the change-control software Change.Net. The workshop furthermore addresses system-wide methods of evaluation and the effective application of the sophisticated template management functions.

The following topics are covered in the workshop:

  • Implementation and usage of the software Change.Net
  • Acquisition, management, and evaluation of a changes
  • Creating freely definable change-workflows
  • Using the template management functions
  • Applying the knowledge base and templates during the creation of changes
  • Nomination of actions/responsibilities and system-wide status and due-date monitoring

Evaluation of Event

Derzeit (Stand 23/03/2019 05:39:08) haben 13 Teilnehmer die Veranstaltung wie folgt bewertet:

  Expert knowledge 4.77
  Advancement of knowledge 4.70
  Fulfillment of expectations 4.47

Workshop Goal

Upon completion of the workshop, the participants will be able to create, manage, and evaluate changes as well as analyse and prepare data which can later be applied for the improvement of processes, products, and methods.

Target Group

  • Members of management, supervisors, and specialized technicians in:
  • Purchasing/sales department
  • Research and development
  • Quality management
  • Incoming goods management
  • Job preparation
  • Production


Only for CAQ AG Factory Systems software customers/users

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