QAM.Net – Audit Management (en)

Partner der CAQ AG Factory Systems

This workshop shows you how to use the Audit Management Software QAM.Net to compile questionnaires and checklists for your audits and how to evaluate the results of said audits. Furthermore, you will learn how to initiate necessary actions that may result and monitor these accordingly. After attending this workshop, you will be able to perform audit planning, audit execution, and audit reporting using the QAM.Net software as well as evaluate and document all findings regarding the effectiveness of the audited system, process, or product.


The following topics will be addressed in this workshop:

  • General use of the QAM.Net software
  • The different audit types in QAM.Net
  • Creation of checklists/questionnaires with own evaluation schemes
  • Copying and moving questionnaires
  • Creation of individual distribution lists
  • Graphical planning and execution of audits
  • Use of graphical evaluation and reporting tools
  • Export of audits as well as import and export of QAM.Net catalogues and checklists
  • Multi-language capability within QAM.Net


All users of the respective CAQ.Net quality assurance modules.


Only for CAQ AG Factory Systems software customers/users.


Nach Ihrer Teilnahme an diesem Workshop erhalten Sie ein Zertifikat. Dieses enthält eine detaillierte Auflistung der vermittelten Inhalte.
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