REM.Net – Complaint Management / CAPA (en)

Partner der CAQ AG Factory Systems

In this workshop you will learn how to use the REM.Net complaint management software to manage your complaints, defects, and CAPA processes in a cost-specific manner and evaluate them in a meaningful way. After attending this workshop, you will be able to initiate actions as well as prepare and analyze results and use them in a suitable form for process, product, or procedure improvement.


The following topics will be addressed in this workshop:

  • General use of the REM.Net software
  • Recording, administrating, and evaluating internal and external complaints and their costs
  • Recording failure/defect locations, failure/defect types and, failure/defect causes
  • Use of Ishikawa diagram and 5-Why method for root cause analysis
  • Initiation of corrective and preventive actions as well as immediate and corrective actions
  • Status monitoring and management of complaints, defect analyses and measures
  • Workflow management and 8D reporting
  • Use of cross-system CAPA functions
  • Multi-language capability within REM.Net


All users of the respective CAQ.Net quality assurance modules.


Only for CAQ AG Factory Systems software customers/users.


Nach Ihrer Teilnahme an diesem Workshop erhalten Sie ein Zertifikat. Dieses enthält eine detaillierte Auflistung der vermittelten Inhalte.
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